There are many good reasons for an artist to work in series. For me, a painting series helps with the exploration of a theme, symbol or mood.

Growing up, my pets were turtles – those little guys that we keep in plastic bowls of water with a plastic palm tree in the middle. I hated that they were so confined and took mine for outings in the backyard, which they seemed to enjoy. Years later, a crazy little dog joined our family and I started to draw and paint him and his friends. He passed away at 14, still fondly remembered and missed. And the dog paintings ended – I thought.

And the dog series of paintings continues

A new puppy came a long a few years later, a very energetic little schnauzer who leapt into our hearts with glee. This little guy needs more than a few neighbourhood walks and games in the backyard. We took him for outings at the local dog park and enjoyed watching the interaction among the many dogs, some regulars and some who only came a few times – or once. And the dog paintings continue.